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Commissioner Craddick Takes Biden's EPA to Task

By Michael Geary, August 26, 2022

Texas Railroad Commissioner and TCCRI Board Vice-Chairman Christi Craddick takes President Joe Biden's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to task in National Review Online today in her piece "Biden's EPA Oversteps Authority to Target Oil and Gas Industry." Commissioner Craddick says Biden's EPA is attempting to regulate traditional energy sources like oil, gas, and coal in a way that gives a clear competitive advantage to less reliable renewable sources of energy.

Put simply, the Biden Administration wants to manipulate the energy market towards renewables, but Commissioner Craddick rightly points out that this is no more than a fantasy:

To his base, and to some who might not understand the repercussions, it sounds almost magical: impose regulations and the air will be cleaner and, overnight, the country will be powered by abundant, affordable "clean" electricity.

You would think the Biden Administration would look across the Atlantic to Europe for how this story turns out. They doubled down on renewables, did the high profile virtue signaling, then when winter came, their renewables failed to perform. All across Europe there were record high utility bills, they increased coal production, and ended up having to beg to Russia for natural gas.

In contrast, Commissioner Craddick lays out the common sense formula for a thriving U.S. energy sector– Follow Texas:

In Texas, technology and reasonable regulations have enabled us to increase oil and gas production while improving air quality. It's part of an "all of the above" approach to energy production that has made our state a leader in both natural gas and wind power. It's a model the federal government should adopt, instead of rigging the market to undermine the nation's most prolific forms of energy production, meanwhile destroying jobs and pocketbooks in the process.

It's clear the Biden Administration will continue to try and implement anti-free market policies in order to stifle traditional energy sources. But the TxEnergyProject will continue to push back against Biden's policies with our allies like Commissioner Craddick who will fight for common sense regulations and an energy sector driven by the free-market. Click here to read the entire story on National Review.


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